Search Engine Marketing Strategy & Workshop (SEO & SEM) Course

by | May 5, 2013
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Finally, Search Engine Marketing Strategy & Workshop (SEO & SEM) course (Powered by Econsultancy) is here in Bangkok, Thailand. Learn the Best Practices of SEO &SEM Marketing From UK’s Top Digital Marketing Research & Training Company. Equip yourself with the latest 2013 SEO & SEM knowledge in this 2-day course, and unleash the power of SEO & SEM in the increasingly competitive online space.


Intensive 2-day program covering the best practices of managing SEO and SEM campaigns – Planning & Strategy Special. Specially designed for companies wanting to build their capability and SAVE MONEY in their month-on-month digital marketing campaigns. All participants to learn campaign management using proprietary Econsultancy templates.

Date: 30-31 May 2013
Venue: Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri
Time: 9am – 5pm daily
Fee: 24,610 Baht / Pax
Contact: Rungroj  +66(0)800615000

Early Bird Discount: 10% discount if you register within 12 May
Group Discount: 3 or more participants from the same company, attending the same course on the same date, are entitled to 5% discount
Alumni Discount: 10% off

Who should attend?

Ideal for marketing professionals, management staff and business owners looking for a world-class workshop to evaluate and fine-tune PPC strategy, improve click-through and conversion rates, and as well as review and expand your search term sets to maximize performance.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate & fine-tune your search strategy
  • Improve click-through & conversion rates
  • Review & expand your search term sets to maximize performance
  • Effectively track results to maximise ROI through accurate measurement & analysis
  • Analyse competitor’s SEO and understand market landscape
  • Improve your own SEO efforts through best practices in keyword research, on-page & off-page immplementation and tech analysis
  • Use web analytics effectively to step up your overall search marketing efforts

**FREE 1 year Silver Membership (WORTH 14,850 Baht or USD495) for every course participant!**

Econsultancy’s Silver Membership offers unparalleled access to Econsultancy’s rich resources of digital marketing?reports, best practise and beginner’s guides, stats, events, blogs and forums.




Nuttakorn Rattanachaisit – Nuttakorn has been experienced in SEO since 1999 as Web Marketing Consultant. He’s been involved in range of aspects in Digital marketing from SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Analytics.

Currently Nuttakorn is Managing Director at Predictive Co., Ltd, Digital Marketing Consulting Agency – Focusing on Digital Analytics, Search Optimization and User Experience.

Prior to Predictive, Nuttakorn was Independent Digital Consultant for several marketing agencies and clients in Singapore and Thailand. Nuttakorn was Consultant at comScore for Data Quality for Thailand Market.

Before that, Nuttakorn worked at Possible Worldwide (WPP Company) as Global SEO Consultant – to develop SEO practice & methodology, global strategy for Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to Possible Worldwide, Nuttakorn was SEO & E-Marketing Manager at KEEN Media (Thailand) overseeing SEO and digital marketing for leading luxury hospitality brands (i.e, Anantara Hotels & Resorts, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, Baros Resorts Maldives, etc), Before that, he had worked at Asia Online (Subsidiary of AsianTrails (KUONI Group)) as Vice President of E-Commerce to oversea the marketing for B2C Travel business across the region.

What will I learn?

SEO Track

Planning and Strategy

  • Benchmarking important SEO elements
  • Current web traffic analysis
  • Goal setting and Timeline

Keyword and Competitor analysis

  • How search engine are structured
  • Type of keywords and KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index)
  • Understanding competitors
  • Getting competitive data – Current web traffic analysis

On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation

  • On-Page SEO elements
  • Latent Semantic Contextual keywords
  • Copywriting for SEO
  • Link-building strategies
  • Impact of social media and UGC (User Generated Content)

Other SEO Factors

  • White hat vs. Black hat tactics
  • Multilinual SEO, mobile SEO and other trends
  • SEO audit template

SEM Track

Positioning your creative

  • Copywriting that will increase ad click-through rates
  • When and how to use keyword insertion tools
  • Approaches to testing creative
  • Tactics to increase conversion rates, such as deep-linking landing pages
  • Integration with promotions and offers

A PPC strategy that works

  • Understanding the Google Quality Score
  • Selecting the right bidding strategy, including effectiveuse of automated cost per acquisition and ROI strategies
  • Utilising day parting strategies
  • Integrating your PPC with offline campaigns
  • Identifying and dealing with click-fraud

Track and analysis

  • The benefits of using industry leading tools
  • Analysing the competitor landscape
  • Analysing data and understanding latent sales
  • Optimising search terms sets

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