Introducing Builk, one of Thai startups who is flying to Echelon 2012

by | June 6, 2012
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In the upcoming Echelon,?we will have Thai startups participating in this event.? One of them whom we would like to introduce for your acquaintance today is The interesting thing in Builk is how it breaks away from the general startup trend towards B2B market that we seldom see among the group of startups nowadays, mainly looking for the Venture Capitals. ?Besides, there is a business model that is quite interesting too.? How about these details, we better strike on right now.??

Introduce the enterprise and its product?

Bulk Asia Co., Ltd. is a Software-as-a-Service company, a pioneer of its kind in Asia for building and construction industry with truly FREE services (not Freemium) with revenue from various advertisements in products and services in this construction sector.? They transform the digital marketing budget in construction materials of those famous and leading brands into good and effective business operation tools to be utilized by SMEs, since they have their expectations to see the construction industry growing with consistency.

Up till today has been established for about 2 years with 5 modules (Web+Mobile) applicable for managing daily business operations, procurements, cost controls, follow-up the developments at job sites, approvals in various documentations and so on.? There are now more than 4,400 users from 1,400 enterprises, all of them are from the construction business in SMEs.? Among the routine users utilize in average 30 minutes/person/day.? The current value of construction projects working on worth already beyond 6 billion Thai Baht. has created Professional Social Networking gathering individual persons and enterprises in the construction industry to work together through various Applications that can actually support their daily missions.? Every user enjoys benefits from accessing into various versions of good and effective Software free of charge.? On the other hand, the Advertisers can advertise striking directly into their right targets on B2B platform particularly within the construction circles at the actual working hours when all the related businesses are practically working and most of all evaluable in its worthiness.? Nowadays they have their incomes from the leading product manufacturers and service providers in this construction industry, namely SCG, Tata Steel, SHERA etc. as well as other small manufacturers and distributors who have placed their advertisements with Builk.

It seems rather strange that Tech Startup nowadays mostly create SoLoMo (Social-Local-Mobile) App or Mobile Games while Builk still believe that the world of B2B has good chance to do business so long as their operation provides with clear business domain as well as passion in transforming the construction circles towards the era of 2.0 similar to other industries too.? Despite of the fact that there is no revenue in the initial stage of operation yet, endeavoring until the base of users being created the income from advertisements automatically exist and start supporting this operation.? They have full confidence that the network among entrepreneur and construction information they have in hand will be able to substantially and consistently develop the construction industry in the long run.

Motive to participate in Echelon 2012

Even though it seems to be SaaS in a specific industry and in the rather niche end, they have the dream to push their Applications for users in the scope of whole Asia (the reason why they did remind themselves with the name of Builk Asia from the beginning).? Having learned from ?thumbsup? introducing Echelon by end of last March, Builk expressed that they simply tried to apply for fun without any particular aim.? Then gratefully it was very lucky that they had the first pitch in Vietnam Satellite in Ho Chi Min City during the last Songkran Festival.? In fact Builk intended to look for partner to localize in Vietnamese language, but the atmosphere in the event of Vietnam Satellite was far beyond and better than what they had expected.? Builk met Tech Startups from our neighboring countries, like Malaysia, Cambodia and the host Vietnam.? Exchanging ideas they consequently realized the passion and intention of new friends in Startups.?? From the number of hundreds of Vietnamese participants mostly new generation, Builk were deeply impressed by those applications being nicely presented in that event all looking forwards to the target of world market.

After that, have been approved for Exhibition in Echelon 2012 being organized in Singapore and duly qualified as one of the ten Startups to pitch on stage on this 11th?of June. did not actually set target in achieving Venture Capitals (VC) because they think their applications are not only in niche market but also for B2B that might be quite uncertain in breaking through the path of VC.? The chance in achievement this time might be possibly questing partners in the regional level instead.? However, Builk are very grateful and impressive to have chance to participate in this most valuable event that will provide them with incredible experiences.

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Khun?Patai Padungtin

Involving with direct experience and competency in Telecommunication industry on both sides of operators and foreign suppliers for more than decade long. The former Engineer turned to Product Development and Marketing in charge of Value Added Services on 3G network. She has been frequently invited as special speaker by various institutions and organizations, as well as has written many academic articles for the topics of Telecom Industry, Mobile Marketing and Startup Scene.

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