Emotional Twitter client “Feel on!” launches on Google Play!

by | June 30, 2012
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[Social Comic Dashboard from Japan!?? A Japanese Quality App Which Enables You To Enjoy Tweets With Comics]
Tokyo, Japan – L is B Corporation who develops and runs a Twitter client ‘Feel on!’ has launched the new version on Google Play today.Feel on! is a twitter client which turns twitter feeds into appropriate illustrations. It was released in April 2011, and now there are 250,000 users in Japan.

From this Android version, Feel on! supports English language. Twitter?timelines will be turned into cute and fun illustrations even all the tweets are written in English.

Download “Feel on!” from Google Play

Last year in June, Feel on! won the hearts and minds of audience, and was given 1st prize in SF New Tech Japan Night which was held in San Francisco. This year, Feel on! got a great opportunity to participate in Echelon 2012 which was held in Singapore. Feel on! won the hearts of South East Asian people, which led to attracting many foreign twitter users after the event.

We are planning to develop our business in South East Asian market starting with the release of English version. It’s time for Feel on!, the most unique twitter client, to spread its wings around the world with an important roll of familiarizing Japanese Manga culture to the whole world. We are going to do our best to develop Feel on!.

Application’s information

Name of App : Feel on! for Twitter
Requirements :

  • iPhone & iPod touch (iOS4.0 or later)
  • Android (ver2.1 or later)

?Download :

  • iOS : App Store (English supported version is going to be released at the beginning of July.)
  • Android : Google Play / au Market

Languages :

  • English, Japanese

Fee : Free

Website : http://www.feel-on.com
Feel-on’s Facebook?
Twitter (English)?
Twitter (Japanese)?

App Features 😕

  • Analyze twitter timeline and turn them into appropriate comic illustrations
  • Tweet with an illustration you chose
  • Upload illustrations with your tweets to picture sharing services (Twitter/TwitPic/yfrog)
  • Post on both Twitter timeline and Facebook Wall at the same time

About L is B :
L is B based in Tokyo, was founded in 2010 by Taisuke Yokoi. L is B are developers, marketer and operators of social media networks. ‘Feel on!’ wishes to enrich digital communication among people all over the world with uniquely developed ‘Social Emotion Engine’ (language analysis engine). ‘Feel on!’ aims to become the communication infrastructure in the world of social media.


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