?How can we make the world happier?? with FreeHap Application

by | June 21, 2012
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Even though the idea of bringing Social Network to be applied for the Society is not something new at all, in Thailand FreeHap is a pioneer among the mobile applications exploring towards this direction.

Mr.Natee Jarayabhand, CEO of this Startup,? has the uninterrupted interest in how to improve the better happiness in society.? From his inspiration and belief that ?Originally we are already happy just the way we are, but we tend to create conditions to trap our own happiness? such application under the name of FreeHap existed in 2009 and duly achieved the championship in Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) South East Asia 2010.

With the mission of ?How can we make the world happier?? the FreeHap becomes a Social Network emphasizing to share feelings especially when the mood is happy, sad or quiet under the function of ?Special One? which allows users to add maximum 8 friends as your ?Special Ones? and you will be notified when your friends (in the list of “Special Ones”) are sad.? Then you can contact them directly from this application in order to console and calm down their sadness. [From the result of research by this team there are only 8 persons whom you contact most frequently, though you may have much more than that.]

Meanwhile, other interesting features are:

  • Rescuing society at the time of emergency when someone is in urgent need of the same blood group like yours for donation.? From your setting notification whenever such help is required the app will automatically send notification to your handset.? Really wonderful!
  • We can explore and help our city by monitoring any activity being campaigned that we can participate.
  • I like another feature in FreeHap so much which is different from the others.? You always see the graph of health, the graph of rest and sleep etc., but FreeHap team shows with graphic indicators of happiness last week from various moods and feelings of yours.

Above picture makes you astonish and think it over again what happened last Wednesday behind the happiness escalated to such height.

In fact many other features can be easily described by the lovely Video Clip Cartoon well prepared by the team as below:

With crowd concept in bringing rescuing features at the time when people are facing problems or in stimulating certain good campaigns, it will be much nicer to live in such society than this, only if these things can really be applied.?Mr. Natee Jarayabhand ?finally addressed that under such confused social era he wishes to see more smiles and more contributions to create helping hands in our society.? Hopefully he wishes this app can more or less be part of assistance to society.

This is another Startup that thumbsup team would like to support and persuade our friends and viewers to download for applications too.

Involving with direct experience and competency in Telecommunication industry on both sides of operators and foreign suppliers for more than decade long. The former Engineer turned to Product Development and Marketing in charge of Value Added Services on 3G network. She has been frequently invited as special speaker by various institutions and organizations, as well as has written many academic articles for the topics of Telecom Industry, Mobile Marketing and Startup Scene.

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