?Anipipo? Bringing Animation to the New Era

by | October 25, 2012
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Tokyo, Japan ? October 25, 2012 ? GOOPA Inc., the animation focused?crowd-funding website company, announced that it has closed 4.5 Million?Japanese Yen in Seed funding from Samurai Incubate Inc., a Tokyo-based?seed accelerator. Kentaro Sakakibara from Samurai Incubate Inc. also joined?the team as an external director.

GOOPA Inc., is a creative IT service development company based in Tokyo?and Bangkok. The company is developing an animation focused crowd funding?website, Anipipo?. Anipipo provides a new way?for animation creators to find funding to support the production of their?animation. Creators will also be able to utilize Anipipo as a platform to get?connected with their fans from all over the world.?Along with this announcement, GOOPA Inc., will be launching the preregistration?website for Anipipo on Thursday 25th of?October.

About Us

Company Name: GOOPA Inc.

Company Address: Minami-aoyama Building 4F, 2-11-13,?Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 107-0062

Established: 7th September, 2011

Co-founder and CEO: Hiroaki Taira

Co-founder and CFO: Vincent Sethiwan

Co-founder and CTO: Sam Tiyavutiroj

Business domain: IT service development and management

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