Realize your manga fantasies with Kame Camera from Japan

by | May 6, 2013
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Supervised by the Japanese high school girl responsible for the faux manga style martial arts fad, Nagisa is proud to announce the global release of “Kame Camera” app for iOS and Android — a photo collage app that comes with ready-made overlays of manga style martial arts effects (Vadering,Makankosappo,Hadouken,Kamehameha, etc.).

The Makankosappo trend quickly reached a global audience and has expanded to include other martial arts moves such as Kamehameha, Hadouken and the Force. Kame Camera not only guides through users in taking these pictures, it facilitates the use of gorgeous manga style effects in simple steps to create fun, realistic collages that can also be shared using your favorite social media.

How to use Kame Camera

  1. Take a picture
  2. Add effects (you can add as many as you like) and scale or rotate them as needed
  3. Save the collage

Screen Shot 2556-05-06 at 2.36.48 AM

Key interesting points

  • Manga fantasies mobile applications
  • No.1 on Japan’s appstore in Camara category
  • No.20 in Tootal free application without promotion
  • Developed based on the feedback of high school girls

App Store
Google Play
KameCamera Facebook page

About Nagisa, Inc.
Name: Nagisa, Inc.
CEO: Yoshiyuki Yokoyama
Location: Aobadai 3-6-28 2403 Meguro-ku Tokyo, Japan
Established: May 17, 2010


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