Nulab’s New Startup Campaign: Backlog Jumpstart Project

by | June 14, 2013
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Japan’s Nulab Inc. is delighted to announce the launch of the Backlog Jumpstart Project, a new campaign for startup companies and entrepreneurs. The campaign is an initiative to encourage young startups to employ project management tools to maximize productivity and efficiency at work.

It will offer Nulab’s project management tool, Backlog, to a hundred selected startup companies at no cost for a year. These startup companies will have the privilege of using Backlog on the Max Plan, which is worth US$1890 a year and supports unlimited projects and users, 100GB storage, and includes premium features such as Access Control, Gantt Chart, Burndown Chart, and Custom Fields.

The Jumpstart Project is targeted at young startup companies under two years of age, or sole startup entrepreneurs who would be establishing their companies within a year, with a business nature that is based on or tied to Internet Software such as SaaS. Applicants with a concrete framework for future expansion in the global market would also stand an advantage of being selected. All applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

“Having built a company as a startup, we recognize the importance of implementing a capable project management system to ensure that all operational aspects run smoothly and remain organized even with limited resources.” said Shinsuke Tabata, CMO of Nulab Inc., “We understand that many startups may be discouraged from employing such tools because they have other financial priorities, but a good project management system is a long term investment, and this is where we would like to step in to help them get started.”.

With Backlog, software and web development startups will be able to take advantage of the simplicity of an all in one project management tool that integrates task management with file sharing and version control functions, thus eliminating the need to distribute and coordinate work over multiple platforms.

The campaign is now open for applications until 31 July 2013. For more information regarding the Jumpstart Project, eligibility, and applications, visit

About Backlog

Backlog first launched its service in July 2006 as a project management tool with a focus on team communication. Consisting features such as task management, wiki, WebDAV file sharing, gantt chart, as well as version control, Backlog provides a simple and comprehensive user interface for its users. As of March 2013, Backlog has over 140,000 users worldwide, with more than 70,000 projects being created.


About Nulab

Nulab Inc., established in 2004, is an agile software development company with the goal of enabling and fostering effective work collaboration by providing collaborative software tools such as Backlog, a project management tool, and Cacoo, a webbased drawing tool.


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