PR News: PageUp People adds Apply Anywhere to recruitment platform to address mobile talent base

by | August 12, 2013
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Recruiters for multinational firms can now reach candidates on the go in emerging and developed markets

PageUp People, a leading multinational talent management solutions provider, today announced the upcoming integration of mobile-based recruitment solution Apply Anywhere to its unified talent management suite. Designed to help global organisations reach job applicants anywhere, anytime via their mobile devices, the service makes it easier for companies to engage, attract and recruit talent from multiple touch points.

Available on any kind of mobile device, whether feature phones, smartphones or tablets, Apply Anywhere lets companies connect with a deeper pool of candidates across levels and job descriptions, delivering value for companies that are expanding in emerging markets where mobile is highly popular. “Mobile is becoming a critical tool for talent managers particularly in emerging markets where mobile adoption is rising at an unprecedented rate.

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The best talents out there may not always be sitting in front of a personal computer, but they may very well be checking their mobile phones every five minutes,” said Karen Cariss, CEO of PageUp People. There were 1.2 billion unique mobile subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region at the end of 2012, according to GSM Association’s recently published report ‘Mobile Economy: Asia Pacific 2013’. GSMA expects the high growth of mobile in Asia-Pacific to continue over the next few years, estimating 1.9 billion unique mobile subscribers by 2017, which would account for nearly half of the predicted global total of 3.9 billion. “Some of the world’s top employers such as Accenture, PepsiCo, and Orange have already integrated mobile into their recruitment strategies. We expect more global companies, especially in industries like mining, retail, transportation and logistics where talents are frequently on the move or in remote worksites, to follow suit and fully optimise mobile technologies for greater flexibility and reach in talent acquisition,” said Bryce Dunn, Senior Vice President for Global Product Management, PageUp People. In a market like Singapore, with a high mobile penetration of smartphones, recruiters are going a step further to engage potential candidates who have an affinity for the brand. Smiggle, the world’s hottest stationery brand has even tried QR codes on posters in store to try and boost the numbers of applications. “Being able to apply online at any time is fast, efficient and attracts great talent”, says Marta Newport, Human Resources Manager.

Some of the key features of Apply Anywhere are:
 Mobile Application Forms – which enable candidates to apply for jobs by simply filling in mobile application forms on their smartphones or mobile devices;
 Social Connectivity – where candidates can apply for jobs, using their social media accounts (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter);
 SMS Apply – where candidates receive job alerts and updates through short messaging service (SMS), by simply subscribing to the service. They can also apply for jobs through text messaging.

Apply Anywhere is an enhancement to PageUp People’s industry-leading Recruitment Management system which provides secure end-to-end management of the entire recruitment process for large organisations that are operating in multi-markets. “Apply Anywhere was designed for simplicity, flexibility and efficiency. It can be tailored to the needs of recruiters and to suit conditions in different markets and industries,” Dunn added.

Apply Anywhere is set for launch in Q4 2013.

PageUp People PageUp People assists organisations to acquire and retain the best talent through the development and integrated delivery of innovative talent management systems and solutions. Established in 1997, PageUp People has successfully built upon its beginnings as a custom software developer to create an extensive suite of integrated talent management web-based tools and consulting solutions which are now delivered to some of the world’s largest organisations on a global scale. PageUp People is at the forefront of innovation in talent management solutions with global best-practice research underpinning all consulting practices and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Visit the company website at

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