Over 5 million unique viewers have used Viddsee and introduce marketing model Viddsee BUZZ

by | April 21, 2014
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Viddsee bridges the gap between filmmakers and audience with Viddsee BUZZ, a new editorial and marketing feature included in the all-new Viddsee.com

Since its launch in February 2013, Viddsee has recorded over 5,000,000 unique viewers and programmed more than 10 dedicated Viddsee Channels showcasing talents from Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand.

The collection of well-told stories on Viddsee have entertained, inspired and moved many. Comments and feedback have expressed gratitude, praise, and encouragement, and the pleasant surprise in discovering perspectives and cultures different to their own through short films. One of such is Diogo Pinto, a Brazilian, who commented in reference to a Viddsee short film, “I really hope I can also make difference in someone’s life like the (short film) character’s father did”.

“I have learnt that a well told story can resonate very widely and very loudly,” says Singaporean filmmaker Daniel Yam. His short film, “Gift”, was originally produced for a local community non-profit. “I did not expect the film to travel so widely on Viddsee, and certainly did not expect viewers from countries like Greece, Romania, Brazil, or Russia,” he adds.

“With the confidence expressed by our users and filmmakers, and as proven by our metrics, we believe that we are on track to demonstrate that Asian short films can reach a global audience,” says Viddsee’s co-founder Derek Tan.

Recognizing this growth potential Viddsee introduces a new editorial and marketing feature Viddsee BUZZ (buzz.viddsee.com). Viddsee BUZZ leverages on the nature of the social web to amplify conversations around film content. It brings relevance and context for each film to elicit a wider variety of responses and social sharing across platforms.

“We believe that successful film marketing needs active audience engagement. Viddsee BUZZ’s mix of editorial content and technology triggers the conversations and create engagement opportunities. We envision Viddsee BUZZ as the new communication model for film marketing,” says Viddsee’s community manager Grace Chin.

Viddsee’s BUZZ is part of the all new Viddsee.com redesign with faster and improved user experience.

About Viddsee 

Viddsee is an online media company that brings a network of Asian filmmakers together and makes the best short films in Asia accessible. Built and designed by engineers and filmmakers, our video platform enables a global audience to easily discover, watch and share stories from Asia anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices. Our vision is to continually grow the community of short film audience to enable a wide and accessible market reach for short films and become the leading micro-cinema platform for Asia. Visit www.viddsee.com to watch the best short films in Asia now!


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