E-Commerce Report Thailand 2015 by thumbsup and Fastinflow

by | September 14, 2015
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E-commerce in Thailand is fast growth in 2-3 years ago. There are many players that involving in this industry but no resource and enough information for supporting the investors or who want to know about this. That’s a reason to make and collect all essential information for anyone interested.

The making of this report…

This report is a result of the collaboration between thumbsup and FastinFlow as both parties realized that the growth of the e-commerce in Thailand is really interesting and with such outstanding growth, many domestic and foreign players have jumped in which results in even greater changes in terms of consumers’ online behaviors in the past few years. However, the information that focuses on e-commerce in Thailand hasn’t been properly and thoroughly collected and analyzed, therefore we found that it was necessary to gather all the information and do the survey with the local consumers. We believe that the data will be highly useful for anyone who is interested in the e-commerce in Thailand.

What you will find in this report…

We will cover all angles starting from the overview of the e-commerce in Thailand, including the current situation, the ecosystem, the law and regulation, and all the way to consumer survey with over 600 samples. Then we will present the online shopping behaviour analysis which will explain what consumers think towards online shopping and e-commerce in the present day.
Moreover, we will also present the outlook for the e-commerce industry which includes the perspectives from various key players, including corporate and private players and the mobile payment service providers.

– Thailand’s economic overview
– Current e-commerce industry in Thailand
– Situation and challenges of e-commerce business in Thailand
– Rules & Regulations
– Ecosystem
– Buying Behaviour survey (more than 600 users)
– The future of e-commerce in Thailand (Interview key influencers and e-commerce business professionals)

Whom is this report for?

This report is carefully designed for those who are interested in the growth and the overall picture of the e-commerce industry in Thailand, especially the foreign investors and businesses who pay more attention to Thailand and surrounding markets. We believe that this report will be among the first to fully reveal and explain in detail about the fast growing e-commerce industry in Thailand. Besides, we strongly believe that this report will also become an important tool for businesses to make crucial decisions towards investing in e-commerce in this market.


– The most concern that Thai consumers have is ‘safety on payment”when buying products online (59%)
– Over 88% of Thai consumers expect to see the improvement of warranty from product and service.
– Late delivery is the most common found problem in buying products online. Over 61% of buyers used to face this problem
– 75% of Thai shopaholic in this study is transferring the money by bank to buy online.
– 55% of our study groups buy products online with the amount of Bt100- 1,000 per time

Price: $499
Click to buy the report: http://bit.ly/ecommerceth2015

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